Rubbish Removal Sydney - Balmoral Rubbish Removals

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do I Have To Wait For You To Do My Job?

Often I can do straight away. Exceptions would be due to something like a death in the family!

Seriously - I aim to fit you in as soon as possible, and if I am overloaded, I will advise you at that time and refer you to one of my colleagues at: Sydney Rubbish Removal

How Do I Best Contact You?

Telephone - NO EMAIL (I’m allergic to computers - a friend has helped me with this website!)

Do I Have To Pay For A Full TruckLoad, If I Only Have A Little Amount Of Stuff?

No - I price fairly and competitively. I’m not aiming to be a millionaire, and I also need to cover my costs and pay for my basics.

I’m partial to “Fluffy Cushions” as they are easier on the body - I promise I don’t take them home!

I’m also acknowledged for my years of experience and how to best approach the most challenging jobs - nothing phases me (except angry people).

How Do You Work Out Pricing?

Like an airline.

Which means I’ll give you the best price without offering to pay for tip fees from my own pocket. As much as I like to pretend not to be - I’m professional with my approach, so I know how to do a job that will be economical and give you your desired result.

What Sort Of Rubbish Do You Remove?

Anything and everything - except radio active. If it’s radio active call me anyway.

Well maybe not. Suffice to say, I can pretty much do whatever you need.

Do You Do It All For Me?

You don’t have to lift a finger. I’m old school - I know women can do anything - but why bother with rubbish? And men - you can help if you want, but why when you’re paying me?

Do You Give Estimates?

Yes of course I do, who doesn’t. And I think I said earlier - I’m competitive (I come from a big family!) in my pricing, and not into ripping people off - I don’t like it, so why would I do it to you?

What Sort Of Truck Do You Have?

It’s a Daihatsu, 4 cubic metres. And I have access to other trucks.

What’s Better For My Job - Truck Or Skip Bins?

Well I have access to both so I’m not out of line to say I recommend a truck every time. For the reasons that skip bins are stationery, can attract council problems, and you might find neighbours filling it up without you being able to control that. Whereas with a hand loaded truck, I can sort your rubbish out up front, take it away immediately, and you’re just paying for your stuff. Plus there’ll be no council issues,

Do You Have Skip Bins?

No but my uncle does - so I can organize that as well. Solutions - I’ll always have a solution.

Do You Have Wheelie Bins?

Yeah two (do I need to say anything more here?)

Do You Have More Than One Truck?

I have one truck, but access to several more if required.

What Sort Of Jobs Do You Do?

All sorts of jobs. Go here to find out more: What Jobs Mark Does

What About If My Job Has Difficult Access?

I can remove rubbish & waste from difficult access areas such as a water front property without you needing to look for boat hire in Sydney. As I have my own large aluminum punt that I use for such jobs.

What Sort Of Payments Do You Accept?

Cash or Cheque

Phone Us for an obligation free quote.

When Do I Pay?

When the job is complete.

Do You Have Other Equipment Life Jack Hammers, Water Blasters etc?

I do. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not to say I have over 20 years experience with all these sorts of tools and more.

What Can’t be Moved?

I haven’t found anything yet…so you’re welcome to be the first. However I am into finding solutions to your problems and having you be happy with the job I do.

Are You Owner Operated, Or Part Of A Bigger Organisation?

Sadly - just my own little organisation. (Just kidding - I like it that way).

Are You Environmentally Conscious With Your Work?

Honestly, I’m not into media hype. I do have a love of nature. All materials are taken to registered recycling centres.