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Rubbish Removal Sydney

Being a guy with a truck, I often forget to ask for testimonials.

Though my friend who set me up on this blog, pestered me to ask some of my clients to give me some feedback. I was actually more than chuffed by what they said truth told - not surprised, as I openly know I have a strong work ethic with rubbish removal, and any of the other tasks I regularly get asked to do.

So at the risk of bragging, here’s one of the testimonials I’ve been given:


Mark is a hardworker who I know can tackle any job and get it done with no fuss. He has an excellent attitude and gets on well with my clients. He’s positive, cheerful and no matter what sort of site I’m on, and whatever challenges there may be, he finds a way of doing it. He removes rubbish - either by his truck or boat, if access is restricted. I also use him for demolitians or strip outs, and he is someone I know I can rely on to do a job well.

Donald Brown, Builder

So if you want to read some more, check out these Sydney rubbish removal testimonials.

Or call me on Mark 0418 970 400



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