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It is a pleasure to provide a testimonial for Mark. Rubbish removal, demolitions, and strip outs on such rooms as bathrooms & kitchens on my sites are some of the regular jobs Mark does for me. I like using him because of his ‘can do’ attitude, reliability and my clients love him. Mark is an extremely hard worker who always finds a solution. Such as if a property has difficult street access for the truck, Mark will bring his boat around and remove rubbish that way.

Roy Gawith, Builder

Mark is a hardworker who I know can tackle any job and get it done with no fuss. He has an excellent attitude and gets on well with my clients. He’s positive, cheerful and no matter what sort of site I’m on, and whatever challenges there may be, he finds a way of doing it. He removes rubbish - either by his truck or boat, if access is restricted. I also use him for demolitians or strip outs, and he is someone I know I can rely on to do a job well.

Donald Brown, Builder

Mark is a good, honest worker. He cleared rubbish both internally and externally in our property, and created an extra car park space for us in our dwelling. He’s very accessible as you can reach him easily on his phone. He’s reliable, and does a great job for an incredibly fair price. We use him whenever we need rubbish removal or manual work done.

Ashty Brooks

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mark for work in the future. His helpful, can do nature, efficiency and quality of work, will ensure I will use Mark’s skills for rubbish removal or manual work again when I need them.

Geoff Hannaford

Mark has helped me pick up some furniture, remove rubbish and also perform some household maintenance work. What really impressed me was how he got this big piece of furniture out of a friend’s place scratch free, where none of us could see how it was possible without damaging the structure or furniture. I also observed how meticulous he is with loading his truck, whilst also very fast - and all of this was with the challenge of rain. I’ve been delighted with all the work Mark’s done for me.

Carolyne McCourtie

I had some trees that needed chopping down as they’d died. Other quotes seemed cheaper, until I realized that they were only quoting for a cut down and leaving the roots prominent with nothing to replace them - which was not what I wanted. Whereas Mark’s quote included grinding the roots away, and replacing them with some lovely flowering shrubs, with cost of these plants inclusive - so in fact he was more cost effective, upfront, thorough, and I liked his no fuss ‘get on with it’ approach to the job.

Terry Banks